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Terms and Conditions

Customer terms of service

Summary of these Terms

By agreeing to our Terms, you’re agreeing to everything in all three documents. If you don’t accept any of these Terms, please do not use our Platform.

All this information is important because it (along with your booking confirmation email and any pre-contractual information provided before you book) sets out the legal terms on which Service Providers offer their Travel Experiences through our Platform.

If something goes wrong with your Travel Experience, Section A15 of these Terms explains what you can do about it. This includes making a complaint to us, going to court, and (in some cases) using an online dispute resolution service.

This summary isn’t part of our Terms, or a legal document. It’s just a simple explanation of our Terms. We encourage you to read each document in full. Some of the words in this summary have very specific meanings, so check out the “ dictionary” at the end of these Terms.

A1. Definitions

  1. Some of the words you’ll see have very specific meanings, so check out the “ dictionary” at the end of these Terms.

A2. About these terms

  1. When you complete your Booking, you accept these Terms and any other ones that you’re provided with during the booking process.
  2. If any authority decides that some of these terms are unlawful, the rest of the terms will continue to apply.
  3. The English version of these Terms is the original. If there’s any dispute about the Terms, or any mismatch between the Terms in English and in another language, the Terms as they appear in English will apply, unless local law requires otherwise. 

A3. About

  1. When you book an accommodation, flight, or attraction, provides and is responsible for the Platform, but not the Travel Experience itself (see A4.4 below).
  2. When you book a rental car or private or public transportation, Transport Limited provides and is responsible for the Platform, but not the Travel Experience itself (see A4.4 below).
  3. We work with companies that provide local support services (e.g. Customer Support or account management). They don’t:
  • control or manage our Platform
  • have their own Platform
  • have any legal or contractual relationship with you
  • provide Travel Experiences
  • represent us, or enter into contracts or accept legal documents in our name
  • operate as our “process or service agents.”

A4. Our Platform

  1. We get information from Service Providers, and we can’t guarantee that everything is accurate—but when providing our Platform, we take reasonable care and act with professional diligence. Unless we’ve failed to do so, or have been negligent, we can’t be held responsible for any errors, interruptions, or missing bits of information. Of course, we’ll do everything we can to correct/fix them as soon as we become aware of them.
  2. We’re always working to improve our customers’ experience with So sometimes, we show different people different designs, phrasings, products, etc. to find out how they react. As a result, you might not come across some services or conditions when you visit our Platform.
  3. Our Platform is not a recommendation or endorsement of any Service Provider or its products, services, facilities, vehicles, etc.
  4. We’re not a party to the terms between you and the Service Provider. The Service Provider is solely responsible for the Travel Experience.
  5. To make a Booking, you may need to create an Account. Make sure all your info (including payment and contact details) is correct and up to date, or you might not be able to access your Travel Experience(s). You’re responsible for anything that happens with your Account, so don’t let anyone else use it and keep your username and password secret.
  6. Unless otherwise indicated, you need to be at least 18 to use the Platform.

A5. Our values

  1. You will:
  • comply with all applicable laws
  • cooperate with any anti-fraud/anti-money laundering checks we need to carry out
  • not use the Platform to cause a nuisance or make fake Bookings
  • use the Travel Experience and/or Platform for their intended purpose
  • not cause any nuisance or damage, and not behave inappropriately to the Service Provider’s personnel (or anyone else, for that matter).

A6. Prices

  1. When you make a Booking, you agree to pay the cost of the Travel Experience, including any taxes and charges that may apply.
  2. Some of the prices you see may have been rounded to the nearest whole number. The price you pay will be based on the original, “non-rounded” price (although the actual difference will be tiny anyway).
  3. Obvious errors and obvious misprints are not binding. For example, if you book a premium car or a night in a luxury suite that was mistakenly offered for $1, your booking may be canceled and we’ll refund anything you’ve paid.
  4. A crossed-out price indicates the price of a like-for-like Booking without the price reduction applied (“like-for-like” means same dates, same policies, same quality of accommodation/vehicle/class of travel, etc.).

A7. Payment

  1. For some products/services, the Service Provider will require an Upfront Payment and/or a payment taken during your Travel Experience.
  • If we organize your payment, we (or, in some cases, our affiliate) will be responsible for managing your payment and ensuring the completion of your transaction with our Service Provider. In this case, your payment constitutes final settlement of the “due and payable” price.
  • If the Service Provider charges you, this will usually be in person at the start of your Travel Experience, but it could also be (for example) that your credit card is charged when you book, or that you pay when you check out of your Accommodation. This depends on the Upfront Payment policy of the Service Provider as communicated to you in the booking process.
  1. If the Service Provider requires an Upfront Payment, it may be taken or pre-authorized when you make your Booking, and it may be non-refundable. Before you book, check the Service Provider’s Upfront Payments policy (available during the booking process), which we don’t influence and aren’t responsible for. This does not affect your rights if you have any problems with your Travel Experience—please refer to “What if something goes wrong?” (A15).
  2. If your payment method is denominated in a currency* that is different from the payment currency, your bank or payment method provider (or their payment services providers) may charge you additional fees. For example, this could happen if your credit card is in Euros but your hotel is charging you in dollars.

* This just refers to the default currency of your payment method.

  1. If you know of or suspect any fraudulent behavior or unauthorized use of your Payment Method, please contact your payment provider as soon as possible.
  2. We’ll store your Payment Method details for future transactions after collecting your consent.

A8. Policies

  1. When you make a Booking, you accept the applicable policies as displayed in the booking process. You’ll find each Service Provider’s cancellation policy and any other policies (about age requirements, security/damage deposits, additional supplements for group Bookings, extra beds, breakfast, pets, cards accepted, etc.) on our Platform: on the Service Provider information pages, during the booking process, in the fine print, and in the confirmation email or ticket (if applicable).
  2. If you cancel a Booking or don’t show up, any cancellation/no-show fee or refund will depend on the Service Provider’s cancellation/no-show policy.
  3. Some Bookings can’t be canceled for free, while others can only be canceled for free before a deadline.
  4. If you book a Travel Experience by paying in advance (including all price components and/or a damage deposit if applicable), the Service Provider may cancel the Booking without notice if they can’t collect the balance on the date specified. If they do cancel, any non-refundable payment you’ve made will only be refunded at their discretion. It’s your responsibility to make sure the payment goes through on time, that your bank, debit card, or credit card details are correct, and that there’s enough money available in your account.
  5. If you think you’re not going to arrive on time, contact your Service Provider and tell them when they can expect you. It’s your responsibility to ensure you’re on time—and if you aren’t, we are not responsible for any associated costs (e.g. the cancellation of your Booking, or any fees the Service Provider may charge).
  6. As the person making the Booking, you are responsible for the actions and behavior (in relation to the Travel Experience) of everyone in the group. You’re also responsible for obtaining their permission before providing us with their personal data.

A9. Privacy and cookies

  1. If you book an accommodation, flight, or attraction, read our Privacy and Cookie Notice for more info on privacy, cookies, and how we might contact you and process personal data

A10. Accessibility requests

  1. If you have any accessibility requests:
  • about our Platform and/or services, contact our Customer Service team
  • about your Travel Experience (wheelchair access, walk-in baths, etc.), contact your Service Provider or the airport, train station, etc.

A11. Insurance

  1. If you bought insurance through our Platform, refer to the policy document(s) for the terms and for further info. These Terms do not apply to insurance.

A12. Intellectual property rights

  1. Unless otherwise stated, all rights in our Platform (technology, content, trademarks, look and feel, etc.) are owned by (or its licensors), and by using our Platform you agree to do so for its intended purpose only and respecting the requirements set out below in paragraphs A14.2 and A14.3.
  2. You’re not allowed to monitor, copy, scrape/crawl, download, reproduce, or otherwise use anything on our Platform for any commercial purpose without written permission of or its licensors.
  3. We keep a close eye on every visit to our Platform, and we’ll block anyone (and any automated system) we suspect of:
  • conducting an unreasonable amount of searches
  • using any device or software to gather prices or other information
  • doing anything that places undue stress on our Platform.

A13. What if something goes wrong?

  1. If you have a question or complaint, contact our Customer Service team. You can help us help you as quickly as possible by providing:
  • your Booking confirmation number, your contact details, your PIN (if you have one), and the email address you used when you made your Booking
  • a summary of the issue, including how you’d like us to help you
  • any supporting documents (e.g. bank statement, pictures, receipts, etc.)
  1. All questions and complaints are recorded, and the most urgent ones are treated as highest priority.
  2. We do try to resolve disputes with you directly, and we’re not obliged to submit to any alternative dispute resolution procedures handled by independent providers.

A14. Communication with the Service Provider

  1. We may help you communicate with your Service Provider, but that doesn’t mean we’re taking responsibility for the Travel Experience or anything the Service Provider does/doesn’t do. We can’t guarantee that they will read anything from you or that they’ll do what you ask. In itself, the fact that you contact them or they contact you doesn’t mean you have any grounds for legal action. If you need help, contact us via e-mail.

A15. Measures against unacceptable behavior

  1. If you breach these Terms  or fail to comply with applicable laws or regulations, we have the right to:
  • stop you making any Bookings,
  • cancel any Bookings you’ve already made,
  • stop you using:
    • our Platform,
    • our Customer Service,
    • your Account
  1. If we cancel a Booking as a result, you may not (depending on the circumstances) be entitled to a refund. We may tell you why we canceled your Booking, unless telling you would (a) contravene applicable laws and/or (b) prevent or obstruct the detection or prevention of fraud or other illegal activities. If you believe we incorrectly canceled your Booking, contact our Customer Service team.

A16. Limitation of liability

  1. Nothing in these Terms will limit our (or the Service Provider’s) liability (i) when we (or they) were negligent and this led to death or personal injury; (ii) in case of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; (iii) in respect of gross negligence or willful misconduct; or (iv) if such liability can otherwise not lawfully be limited or excluded.
  2. If you are in breach of these Terms and/or the Service Provider’s terms, we won’t be liable for any costs you incur as a result.
  3. We are not liable for:
  • any losses or damages which were not reasonably foreseeable when you made your Booking or otherwise entered into these Terms; or
  • any event which was reasonably beyond our control.
  1. We don’t make any promises about Service Providers’ products and services apart from what we expressly state in these Terms, for example in Section A4.
  2. To the extent permitted by law, the most that we (or any Service Provider) will be liable for (whether for one event or a series of connected events) is your reasonably foreseeable losses or damages in connection to your Booking(s).
  3. Just to be clear, these Terms are between you and us. Nothing in these Terms will entitle any third party other than the Service Provider to anything.
  4. You may be protected by mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations, which guarantee you rights that no company’s terms can overrule. If there is any inconsistency between those laws and regulations and these Terms, such mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations will override.

A17. Applicable law and forum

  1. These Terms are governed by Costa Rica Law . You can also rely on your national consumer law.

A21. Modification clause

  1. We may make changes to these Terms they will be updated on the Terms and Conditions 
  2. If you do not accept the changes, please do not use our Platform.
  3. Otherwise, your continued use of our Platform after the effective date of the proposed changes will constitute your acceptance of the revised Terms.
  4. Any existing Bookings will continue to be governed by the Terms that applied when the Booking was made.

B. Lessons

B1. Scope of this section

  1. This section contains the specific terms for Lessons products and services. It applies as well as section A (which applies to all Travel Experiences).

B2. Contractual relationship

  1. We do not (re)sell, offer, or provide any Lessons on our own behalf. When you book an Lesson, you enter into a contract directly with (a) the Service Provider or (b) a Third-Party Aggregator (if they’re reselling the Attraction), as disclosed during the booking process.
  2. We act solely as the Platform and are not involved in the terms of the Service Provider/Third-Party Aggregator. We are not responsible for your ticket and have no liability to you in relation to your Booking, except as described in these Terms.

B3. What we will do

  1. We provide the Platform on which Service Providers and (from time to time) Third-Party Aggregators can promote and sell Travel Experiences, and you can search and book them.
  2. Once you’ve booked your Lesson, we’ll provide you and the Service Provider/Third-Party Aggregator (as applicable) with details of the Booking; if the Service Provider/Third-Party Aggregator needs more than your name, we’ll tell you at the time of booking.
  3. Depending on the terms of your Booking, you may be able to change or cancel it if you want. Contact us using the Help Center if you need help with anything.

B4. What you need to do

  1. You must enter all your contact details correctly so we and/or the Service Provider/Third-Party Aggregator (as applicable) can provide you with information about your Booking and, if necessary, contact you.
  2. You must read and agree to comply with our Terms and the terms of the Service Provider/Third-Party Aggregator (which will be displayed at checkout) and acknowledge that breaching them may lead to additional charges and/or the cancellation of your Booking.

B5. Price and payment

  1. When you book an Attraction, we’ll organize your payment. For details of how this works (including the related rights and obligations), see “Payment” (A7) above.

B6. Amendments, cancellations, and refunds

  1. Please see “Policies” (A8) above. dictionary

“Account” means an account (with or a Group Company), through which you can book Travel Experiences on our Platform.

“Accommodation” means the provision of an accommodation service by a Service Provider (throughout Section B, “Service Provider” means the provider of the accommodation service).

“Attraction” means the provision of an Attraction service by a Service Provider (throughout Section C, “Service Provider” means the provider of the Attraction service).

“Attraction service(s)” includes, but is not limited to, tours, museums, Lessons, activities, and experiences.

“Booking” means the booking of a Travel Experience on our Platform, whether you pay for it now or later.

“,” “us,” “we,” or “our” means (for accommodation, flights, or Lessons) or Transport Limited (for any ground transport service). 

“Booking Confirmation” (in the “Car rentals” section) means the confirmation email and coupon we send you, explaining the details of your Booking.

“Booking Network Sponsored Ads” means our program that lets Accommodation Service Providers bid through a third party (Koddi) for their product to appear in second place when your search results are ordered by “Our top picks.”

“Cash Credits” means a benefit with a monetary value that you can “cash out” to the Payment Method that we have on file for you, or put toward the cost of a future Travel Experience.

“Contract of Carriage” means the contract between you and the Service Provider, which deals with your Flight.

“Credits” means a benefit with a monetary value. There are “Cash Credits” and “Travel Credits.”

“Credit Card Cashback” means a benefit with a monetary value that can be cashed out to the credit card that we have on file for you, but can’t be put toward the cost of a future Travel Experience.

“Connectivity Partner” means a company that allows properties and to communicate accommodation information and customers’ booking data.

“Currency Conversion Rate” means the rate that we use to convert currency; this is currently the WM/Refinitiv Closing Spot Rate, but this may change.

“Eligible Booking” means a Booking that meets the criteria to qualify for a Reward.

“Flight” means the provision of a flight by a Service Provider (throughout Section E, “Service Provider” means the airline).

“Group Company” means an affiliate of – either a direct shareholding of or part of the Booking Holdings Inc. group.

“Individual Reward Criteria” means rules that apply to certain Rewards in addition to the general “Rewards, Credits, & Wallet” terms (A13) above.

“Intermediation Contract” (in the “Flights” section) means the contract between you and the Third-Party Aggregator, which deals with the way they arrange your Flight ticket (and, in some cases, any extras) with the airline or another company.

“Main Driver” means the driver whose details were entered during the booking process.

“On-Demand Private Transportation” means a private vehicle that you request when you arrive at the pick-up location (or just before).

“Pay In Your Own Currency” means the payment option that we sometimes offer when a Service Provider doesn’t use your currency. This option lets you pay in your currency instead.

“Payment Method” means the method used to pay for a Booking, which might be a credit/debit card or an alternative payment method.

“Pick-up” (in the “Car rentals” section) means the process at the start of your Rental, when you provide the required ID and other documentation, pay for any fees and additional extras, enter into the Rental Agreement, and collect your car.

“Pick-up Time” (in the “Car rentals” section) means the (local) date and time you’re due to pick up your car, as stated in your Booking Confirmation.

“Pick-up Time” (in the “Private and Public Transportation” section) means the (local) time when a Pre-Booked Private Transportation is due to reach the pick-up location, or when an On-Demand Private Transportation actually reaches the pick-up location.

“Platform” means the website/app on which you can book Travel Experiences, whether owned or managed by or by a third-party affiliate.

“Pre-Booked Private Transportation” means a private vehicle that you request at least 2 hours before you arrive at the pick-up location.

“Private Transportation Journey” means the private transportation journey as set out in the Booking (including any changes after the Booking was made).

“Public Transportation” means trains, buses, trams, and other types of public transportation.

“Public Transportation Journey” means the public transportation journey as set out in the Booking (including any changes after the Booking was made).

“Rental” (or “Car Rental”) means the provision of a car by a Service Provider (throughout Section D, “Service Provider” means the rental company that provides the car).

“Rental Agreement” means the contract between you and the Service Provider, which you sign at pick-up. You’ll be provided with a summary of the key terms during the booking process.

“Rewards” means a benefit that you are promised. In most cases, Rewards will be Travel Credits, Cash Credits, a Credit Card Cashback, or a coupon for an item of some kind.

“Service Provider” means the provider of a travel-related product or service on the Platform, including but not limited to the owner of a hotel or other property (for an “accommodation” Booking), a museum or park (for an “attraction” Booking), or a car rental company or airline (for a “transport” Booking).

“Services” (in the “Private and Public Transportation” section) means the provision of a Public Transportation Journey or Private Transportation Journey.

“Terms” means these terms of service.

“Third-Party Aggregator” means a company that acts as either (a) an intermediary between you and the Service Provider or (b) a reseller of the Travel Experience.

“Third-Party Terms” (in the “Flights” section) means both the Intermediation Contract with the Third-Party Aggregator (for the ticket) and the Contract of Carriage with the airline (for the Flight itself).

“Travel Credits” means a benefit with a monetary value that you can put toward the cost of a future Travel Experience, but can’t “cash out.”

“Travel Experience” means one of the travel-related products or services on the Platform.

“Upfront Payment” means a payment that you make when you book a product or service, rather than when you actually use it.

“Wallet” means a dashboard in your Account that shows your Rewards, Credits, and other incentives.